Smog Check Services

Have you received the dreaded Smog Check renewal letter in the mail for your vehicle recently? It’s perfectly only our expert Smog Check technicians will be able to answer all of your questions. With over 20 years experience in the Smog Check industry we have passed and failed many cars, trucks, and suvs. Plus you can also print our Smog Check Coupon for those in Orange County, California.



Star Certified Technicians

Starting in 2014 the Smog Program required a number a vehicles to have a Star Certified Smog Check done. Here at Orange County Smog Check our technicians are Trained and Star Certified to smog your vehicle. The price is about the same, just like with any smog check or inspection you will need to pay a $8.25 certificate fee. In the event your car or truck doesn’t pass our Auto Repair Technicians will be able to tell you the issue.



Orange County Smog Check – Star Certified

When you are looking to get a Smog Check, Star Smog Check, Auto Repair, Oil Change, or any work on your vehicle. There is only 1 Mechanic Shop in all of Orange County, California that is recommended by almost everyone. No matter the make, year or model our ASE Trained and Certified Technicians will be able to provide affordable and professional service.

For over 20 year Promax Auto Service has served all of the Orange County, California area. Read our reviews online and services offered. Plus don’t forget to get your Smog Check and Star Smog Check Coupon.





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